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~* News *~

15th March 2012-

   TigerGardens is pleased to announce a new section that will soon appear in the navigation... Technology and Gadget News. In order to visit the newly constructed page, please click here. The new page isn't finished by a long shot (as you will see), but I thought it would be better for you to see it from the beginning and see how it develops over time. The main aims for the near future are to improve the graphical look of it (e.g. layout and background) so please keep checking back, or wait for your TigerGardens newsletter for more information about the updates.

12th March 2012-

FREE SMARTIES- Free tube of Smarties for everyone who signs up to get more free sweets. All you do is visit SweetCollect, sign up, and you get your Smarties!!

Free Orange Sim

8th March 2012-

   Done some more work on the site now, the Downloads section is being constructed (index page already uploaded). Also, TigerGardens has now been submitted into the competition for website design on B-live.

25th June 2005-

   Haven't worked on the site for a while, so not much has changed since last time. If anyone wants a GMail account post on the TigerGardens corkboard and we will send you an invite. Also, if anyone wants a good P2P, get LimeWire (www.limewire.com).

2nd March 2012-

   Not much to say today, firstly, most of the links on this site now work (apart from in the Downloads section which is still under construction. Secondly, does anyone have any ideas for downloads? (email to usual address).

24th February 2012-

   TigerGardens is now going to move the illusions into Humour section and bring back the Downloads section (hopefully more successfully than last time). This will include software, such as the great MsgPlus, Games, possibly some music and other things.

15th February 2012-

   This new humour section will include various images, animations and other sections (such as a whole section devoted to George Bush) gathered from the internet, should be ready in a month's time. News: Some files to this section have now been uploaded, see nav bars for access.

4th February 2012-

   Tigergardens has now scrapped its Downloads area, due to the time and effort required to maintain it- also because, there were no downloads available (pretty pointless then wasn't it). However, there is some good news as well; to replace the Downloads section, we will soon be releasing a 'humour' section to the website- more info to follow.

26th January 2012-

   Well... a new beginning for TigerGardens. This newly designed site has been in the making for a few months now so it should be much better than the old style of page used last time. Please bear with us in the early stages of the new design as many of the links may be broken, but the whole site should be operational in about a month or two.

~* Contact Us *~

   If you would like to contact TigerGardens, please feel free to email: mail@tigergardens.20m.com, or alternatively write a message on the message board; a link to which is on both navigation bars at the left and at the top (Message Board).




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